My goals for 2021, in no particular order, are

  1. Workout and stretch every morning lol this didn't last long AT ALL (i do yoga a few times a week but not daily)
  2. Write two blog posts a month
  3. Go vegetarian for the entire year (for the past two years I cave around the eight month mark due to burnout and stress) i eat meat a few times a month bc of covid stress and living in waterloo (not many vegetarian options)
  4. Spend < $1000 per month. I'm quite the shopper and this year there were a few months where my monthly expenses reached the 2-3k range.
  5. Capture more of my life by recording a 1s video every day.
  6. Capture more of my learning as a programmer by logging every day to a learning log.
  7. Launch the MVP of a bootstrapped startup that helps with unschooling yeah no way this is happening lmfao
  8. Solve one leetcode a day. LMAOOOO–no.
  9. Update my closet with workwear, business-casual, and oversized korean pieces. (I realize this goal is the complete opposite of #4 lol)
  10. Learn software 2.0 (AI) fuck that.